The real alternative for Bitcoin!

The goal of BTE is to make a Bitcoin clone 1:1 copy. Giving people a real option to the rising difficulties of other coins while maintaining all the things that made Bitcoin so successful.

  • SHA-256 Algo
  • 50 coins per block
  • Re-target every 2016 blocks
  • 21 million total coins
  • 6 block confirmations

Getting Started

Download a wallet from one of the links below. Follow the instructions in the download to install.

Virtual Wallet:
Windows Installer:

Here's an updated thread and I believe the poster is giving away 5 BTE, I think some terms apply so check out the link You can also donate to the cause here: 8Tp5hxw2oafHsP1txKMo2zvLn6xwKkKPht

Example bytecoin.conf File


Find a Pool and Start Mining!

Click on one of the links below and pick a pool. Check back and we’ll add more as they’re set up.

Buy, Sell and Get Bytecoin

Bytecoin is now on a number of exchanges. Buy and trade using the links below. Opting for AI trading software is also a wise choice to buy and sell assets autonomously. AI trading bots help you achieve high efficiency, and the user does not need to spend a lot of time studying various strategies and parameters.

There's also a faucet at:
And if you want to get your hands on a free bytecoin to trade head to the bitcointalk forum. For bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading, check the bitcoin trader Deutschland blog, which is about an automated trading software that allows cryptocurrencies to be traded.

If you want it listed on your exchange please contact us 


Bytecoin Exchange

Donations gratefully received:

These will go towards paying for the server and if people are generous enough, giveaways, faucets etc.